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The company is located in Shanghai Pudong New Area International Medical Park, which focuses on cell and gene therapy, gene sequencing and molecular diagnosis, cell and gene therapy CRO/CDMO and other directions, and will be built into a cell and gene industry cluster with global influence.
The park focusing cells and gene therapies, gene sequencing and molecular diagnosis, cells and gene treated cro / cdmo, etc., will build cells with global influence and genetic industries.



MRNA (messenger RNA) is a naturally occurring molecule, and mRNA vaccines use a sequence of viruses to produce target proteins, or immunogens, in cells that activate the body's immune response against various pathogens. Since not using the virus itself, there is no risk of infection. 


MRNA vaccines have a short development cycle, allowing rapid development of new vaccines to deal with virus mutations. And its use of humoral immunity and T cell immunity double advantages, immunogenicity is strong, easy to mass production. The most famous is COVID-19 vaccine, which was developed and applied in a short time.

Mechanism of action

The basic principle of mRNA vaccine is to introduce the mRNA expressing the antigen target into the body through a specific delivery system, express the protein in the body and stimulate the body to produce specific immunological response, so that the body can obtain immune protection. 

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